Tensile Structure Designing Services for Architects

The beauty of tensile architecture is in the design, engineering, and versatility it can offer. Since 2002 we have been offering tensile structure design & engineering support using ixCube, Rhinoceros 3d and SAP2000 in our engineering of these bespoke structures to clients in India and the middle east. We have also been instrumental in providing solutions to architects and engineers for complex tensile structure engineering problems involving CFD, Finite Element Analysis (FEA) while also teaching at CEPT UNIVERSITY, Ahmedabad.

A substantial part of SCHAFBOCK’S engineering and design activity is dedicated to conceptual design. Once the big idea is right, we add the detail required to turn vision into reality. Our design team will be thoroughly conversant with the building control rules that apply to your location, so you can be confident that there won’t be any expensive re-designing down the track for your fabric structure.

Our designer actively participate in tensile structure design forums, to ensure they get the stimulus and input required to push boundaries. Continuous improvement is embedded in our culture, and that means that our commercial canopies and other tensile structures can offer the maximum benefit. We will assist in the design, engineering and detailing of your project, ensuring it meets the highest standards of aesthetics, cost efficiency, code compliance, safety and long-term reliability. Our expertise, dedication and creativity, coupled with state of the art technologies, will lead to one outcome – the complete success of your project.