This is a doubly curved hyperbolic paraboloid structure designed for a client for their entrance structure. The concept is based on the Entry and drop off structure for the Volkswagen Autostadt. The inspiration was to use a doubly curved hyperbolic parabolid inscribed in a circle of 12m diameter. the truss was 300mm square, made up of 2 identical pieces which were mirrored and rotated around a central point to create this geometry.

Concept Tensile, cable net structure designed in LS-DYNA by Vipul Mehta. Analysis of the fabric and the detailing was done in-house with constant discussion and approval of Mr. Vipul Mehta. The synergy between forces and the detailing is apparent in the final structure where one can see very less of the detailing and maximum clarity of forces and form.

  • Project Completion : 08/02/2021
  • Client : Dipesh Shroff
  • Location : Bhuj
  • Dimensions(L x W) :977 Sq. ft.
  • Architect :Cable Structural Engineering, Concept: Vipul Mehta,