Sun-Powered textiles

Fabrics with self-cleaning properties can last longer, require less maintenance and even reduce air pollution. Sunlight can damage many types of fabrics, yet it can also have a beneficial effect on textiles that are enhanced with self-cleaning technologies. Thanks to functional coatings and pioneering research, self-cleaning properties—powered by the sun—are extending the life of textiles … Continue reading “Sun-Powered textiles”

Polyhedral Meshes Improve CFD

 Polygon Surface Mesh vs Triangle Surface MeshConverting a tetrahedral mesh to a dual mesh will:Reduce the number of volume elementsIncrease the size of each volume elementIncrease the number of faces (cell neighbors) per volume elementThe increased element size and increased number of neighbors per element proves to be a significant benefit. If you compare the results … Continue reading “Polyhedral Meshes Improve CFD”

Assembly One Pavilion / Yale School of Architecture Students

© Chris Morgan Photography’ The Yale ‘Assembly One’ pavilion is the younger, smaller, more carefree sister to Yale’s building project – a 40-year old tradition in which first-year students design and building a house. It is the product of a seminar and design studio in which students focused on alternative ways in which contemporary buildings can … Continue reading “Assembly One Pavilion / Yale School of Architecture Students”

Mach 3 bubble shock waves

The best way to recover from a week of overeating, movie watching and napping? Is to sit back and watch some cool physics videos. We have another featured video from last week’s Division of Fluid Dynamics Meeting in San Diego, CA. The video below shows what happens when a Mach 3 shockwave slams into a helium bubble. … Continue reading “Mach 3 bubble shock waves”