KRVIA (Kamla Raheja Vidyanidhi, Mumbai) workshop with Ferrari

Teaching at KRVIA has been an excellent opportunity to interact with some very interested and inspired students. It was a three day workshop in which students learnt the basics, soap bubble modeling, stocking modelling, along with a healthy dose of tensile structures around the world and in India and how their detailing, engineering and conceptualization is done. There was a presentation by Ravi Mehta of Ferrari, who showed them the different types of fabrics and their applications around the world and in India. The Institute was also very interested in installing a prototype of a tensile structure and a special space was allocated near the canteen to install the same. Ferrari graciously supported the entire workshop. 
The students got a HANDS – ON experience at not only modeling designs using various software but also could extend these experiences to tangible solutions by putting up a structure of decent size to understand the forces that play in developing the form of the structure and the detailing involved about them. Some photographs of the workshop. 
Eager students await opening of the fabric

The “SMILEY” plate

And the other plate….

Students trying their hand at cut-outs.

Fixing details and laying out the cables in the fabric

Pretty maids – all in a row..

Fixing cables and the corner details

With a lil’ help from my friends…

And.. we are almost there…

Trampoline? Testing..? Just having fun… 

And some more fun…