Flow Over a Double-Sided Membrane

Submitted by symscape on September 17, 2012 – 14:04

Symscape, Computational Fluid Dynamics for All has been working with our team to find a optimum workflow for wind fluid flow on tensile surfaces. After months of work we have made available a connection between ixForten 4000  and Caedium Professional platform.

ixForten 4000  models can be easily  exported to Caedium  for wind flow analysis  and after running the simulations, Cp values and P values are reimported into ixForten 4000  for non-linear structural analysis.

This connection between ixForten 4000  & Caedium opens a wide range of new possibilities in the design of membrane and tensile structures making the Platform ixForten 4000 Premium + Caedium  the most valuable tool for workflow.